PLI Bookstore

Welcome to the PLI Bookstore! We’ve created this online bookstore for two reasons:
  1. To conveniently provide you with access to online book vendors – your books are only a click away!

  2. To support and expand PLI’s online education vision – each dollar you spend at these discount vendors results in a small percentage rebate for PLI, with no effect on your purchase price. Every dollar you spend in the PLI Bookstore helps PLI hold down tuition costs.

Bookstore Links 
Note: You must enter the vendor website through PLI's bookstore for PLI to receive credit. Be careful not to jump from web page to web page outside the Bookstore link, otherwise the PLI rebate connection may be lost.
(huge selection, excellent prices, PLI’s best rebate)
(excellent variety Christian books, specializes in scholarly books, good prices)

(specialty books, fair prices,no PLI rebate)

Logos Bible Software
(students may order the required Logos Scholar’s Library here)

DISC Personality Assessments
(understand how you're wired and how to relate to others)

PLI Bookstore Help & Info

  • The only way PLI gets a rebate is when you enter the online book vendor's web site through PLI's Bookstore. Using the PLI Bookstore still guarantees you the vendor’s lowest price. If you access a vendor's site with their direct web link and not through the PLI Bookstore, your price will be the same, but PLI will miss out on the rebate. Support PLI, use the Bookstore!

  • Students should have their list of required textbooks on hand when entering the bookstore (think of this as a shopping list).

  • PLI Students receive a “Course Data Sheet” upon enrolling in any course which includes each required textbook’s ISBN number. This number aids in ordering the right book and the right edition.

  • Click on the hot link or icon of the vendor of your choice to compare prices and availability of books.

  • Select books from the vendors who offer the best price and use their checkout process. Have your credit card information ready.

  • If vendor prices are comparable, please consider purchasing from because they pay PLI the highest rebate. Thank you!

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